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We Love EDGEucation

We currently work with some of the most well-known book publishers, course solution providers, learning and education technology companies in the world; and there’s a reason they keep coming back! We know the audience and their pain points, so there’s no learning curve (pun intended!) required on how to effectively reach them.

“We’re on it!” in every sense of the meaning: We’re leaders in the education technology marketing space, always at the cutting edge of creativity and the latest education marketing trends, pros at giving you a competitive edge over your competitors, and, after becoming fully immersed in your brand, speed demons when it comes to turning around work in short timelines.

Our team of social media advertisers, graphic designers, web developers, copywriting specialist, email gurus, and videographers, develops deep relationships with your in-house marketing team – something that sets us apart in this industry. We’ll meet with you and your team to fully understand your needs, then develop a personalized education technology marketing strategy strategy to meet your goals. There’s no cookie-cutter approach here; each one of our clients is unique. We can help you tell a story that goes beyond your product and speaks to how it – you – will transform the modern classroom.

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Education Technology Marketing: The Need

Technology is redefining the educational experience for millions of learners – both young and “experienced” in life. In fact, some think edtech could be the next fintech, with investments in education technology set to reach $250 billion globally by 2020.


Today’s learners aren’t just traditional college students aged 18-22; moms and dads are returning to school looking to their second careers, people are turning to vocation-specific schools like nursing to increase their job prospects, while many students of all ages work during the day and do their learning at night. And everyone is on the move – and busy! This means the way we think education needs to adapt to better fit today’s learner. Learning needs to be delivered through tablets, computers, and via mobile phones. Students need the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time.  

Course solution providers, book publishers and learning companies know this, and are innovating in ways we’ve never seen before. They’re coming up with creative, more technologically advanced ways to help students study – anywhere, anytime they need. More learning technologies are becoming adaptive – with practice tests and lessons molding to each individual student’s abilities.

But the market is getting crowded; we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the number of companies innovating and figuring out ways to deliver education to today’s student. This means you have to heavily invest in marketing your products and services to give your brand a leg up on your competition.

This is where we come in. We will help you successfully position your company as you define the standards of teaching and learning amidst this digital revolution.

Your EdTech Marketing Strategy: How We Can Help

We currently work with some of the top learning companies in the world. We love helping them get their digital course solutions, textbooks and faculty resources into the hands of faculty and students, to help them take learning to the next level. Many larger edtech and learning companies have in-house marketing teams in charge of strategy. But they often need help in the execution of that strategy. We assist with:

  • Web design
  • Email marketing
  • Content writing and editing: Whitepapers, sell sheets, blogs, emails, social media posts, website copy, e-books & more
  • Video
  • Landing page strategy and creation for paid search and email campaigns
  • Graphic design: infographics, sell sheets, whitepapers, web banners, brochures, e-books, conference collateral, promotional material & more
  • Event management

But we don’t just execute. We provide vital strategic advice on how to better integrate various parts of your education marketing strategy. As an “outside” party, we often can see how some parts of a campaign are not working well with other parts, and can advise on how to make that campaign more effective.

The reason we offer all the services we do to education technology companies, learning companies, academic publishers and others in the education industry, is so we can fully execute on any deliverable you may have. Allowing us to dig deep into your brand and do work across a number of different marketing initiatives ensures all pieces of your marketing campaigns are cohesive and complement each other. In other words, picking EDGE Creative to handle all of your marketing needs – versus hiring several different vendors who specialize in only one or two verticals – ensures your campaigns will be effective, and that you will see ROI.