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How Social Media Can Impact Your Business | Small Business Marketing

How Social Media Can Impact Your Business

Did you ever wonder how social media could really impact your business? Well guess what, you’re in luck!  Today we’re sharing TechCo‘s post that showcases 11 entrepreneurs and the importance of social media for their business. One of those entrepreneurs is our very own super awesome CEO, Liza Viana!

Liza shares, “As the CEO of our digital marketing agency, we see the benefits of utilizing social media each and every day including: 1) scouting potential leads; 2) drawing in those potential leads; 3) advertising quickly and easily; 4) monitoring what resonates with our target demographic; 5) keeping a pulse on what’s going on within the community (extremely important as not only a startup, but local business, as well); 6) establishing our brand voice through more than just our website and blog; and 7) providing us the opportunity to network and engage with other local business, current clientele, etc.Social media was, and is, a quick, easy and inexpensive way to spread the word about my business and our clients’ businesses. We thrive on the work of other local businesses and social media provided us with the opportunity to engage and attract those surrounding us. Whether friends, family, or current clients, people now had a direct pipeline to us and us to them.

I definitely think it’s possible for a small company/business to survive without social media, but boy does it make it a heck of a lot harder. Plus, if you can’t find a business on Facebook these days, it’s almost an automatic mark against you. We’ve seen a lot of success with Facebook ads, not only for ourselves, but now for our clients, too. I can’t imagine a better alternative to engaging advertisements with easy-to-read analytics all at a lower price point (well, whichever price point you set forth) than what’s provided on social media. Facebook advertising in particular has been a boon for small businesses around the country; it gives them great targeting abilities and the reporting is extremely details, so you know exactly what any particular ad campaign got you.”

To read the full article on TechCo go here or to connect with EDGE Creative and learn how we can help with your social media strategy, go here!

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