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How to Write a Press Release – That Actually Gets Read

How to Write a Press Release – That Actually Gets Read

When it comes to how to write a press release, you need to remember to include killer headlines and subject lines, while utilizing the “hamburger” technique and SEO tricks.

Say buh-bye to the old-fashioned press releases you knew to be true about 5 years ago, because guess what, they’ve changed! Great press release examples now feature killer headlines and subject lines, key utilization of the “hamburger” technique and SEO tricks.

With so much of the media shifting to the online space and the tremendous increase of influencers and brand ambassadors on social media, you need to not only be focusing on creating the press release for traditional outlets like print, radio, and television, but digital outlets too!  Check out our best tips on how to write a killer press release, one that actually gets read!

The “Hamburger” Still Holds True

Please tell us we’re not the only ones who were taught the “hamburger” rule back in the day! We’re trimming the fat on our “burger,” but the overall premise still holds true. Your “Top Bun” should be the headline, “Condiments” should be your opening sentence, the “Burger” is the body (what’s the story and why should people care), and the “Bottom Bun” is that good ol’ contact information.

It’s ALL About the Subject Line

We’re not kidding! Your email subject headline is what will literally make or break your press release (no pressure right?). If it’s a total flop, you better believe those editors will be hitting delete without even reading the release. Make your subject line personal like you’re talking to a friend, but avoid using all caps and being too formal. Once you’ve crafted an awesome subject line for the pitch of the press release, you’ll be laying the foundation for a killer press release.

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Keep It Simple

Put yourself in the editor and reader’s shoes. Is this information really newsworthy? Why should people care? Draw them in, but be concise. Remember, today’s “hummingbird” generation doesn’t have time for tons of copy and content. Definitely include an attention-grabbing headline, lead with a strong statement, and integrate relevant quotes along with supporting details, but don’t get lost in the “fluff.”

Think About SEO

Since press releases will mostly live online, make sure that you’re creating content that people will actually want to share, mention, cite, and link to. When online outlets mention your product or company with that golden link, your SEO will soar! Also think about a keywords target that you’ll want to integrate within the release, but please don’t stuff your release with tons of them. It will actually work against you!

Here’s a sample press release format, so you can get the gist:


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