Facebook Ads are the most cost effective way for businesses to find new customers.

Our team will help you reach them!

Guess what – your customers are on Facebook! With over 2 billion monthly active users and about 65% of them logging in daily, we can say that with confidence regardless of business size. This sheer dominance in global market penetration combined with Facebook’s insane pool of data gives marketers an unparalleled opportunity to reach the right people with the right message. We know it works; we’ve helped clients in industries from real estate to fitness find success using Facebook advertising.





As new users continue to join Facebook, the “Facebook machine” gets smarter and smarter and compiles more and more data. Advertisers can use thousands of data points including demographics, geographic locations, personal interests, purchasing behavior, job titles, life events, and more to get their offer in front of the right eyeballs. It’s borderline creepy, but as a business owner, it means you can build and target an audience of potential customers that are extremely likely to find value in what you have to say.

Sick of the word ‘data’ yet? Well – because Facebook is so good at putting its data to use, tracking the results of your campaigns is a breeze. When we work with businesses to craft and optimize their Facebook ads strategy, we keep conversion tracking at the core so we know exactly how your ad spend affects your bottom line.

Learning about your business, your customers, your offer, and your goals helps make your Facebook campaign setup as efficient as possible.

We’ll reverse engineer a relevant pool of potential customers most likely to take action on your offer using audience insights and detailed targeting.

Based on that targeting, we’ll craft creative ad copy focused on driving traffic to your website, and ultimately, conversions on your offer.

The page a user lands on after clicking an ad needs to be well aligned with the offer and optimized for conversions to take advantage of the new Facebook traffic.

Installing a snippet of code on your site helps us track the return on every dollar spent on ads. We’ll measure leads, sales, or any other relevant metric.

The last step is building out the final targeting, creative, placement settings, and conversion tracking inside the ads management platform. Then, it’s go time!

We know how important it is for every ad dollar you spend to prove it’s worth. Set-it and forget-it won’t work here; our experienced team will drill down, tweak, and optimize your targeting and ad copy to keep your costs down and ROI up.

We’ll monitor & edit audience targeting, placements, budgets, and more as the ads gather data. This lowers costs and maximizes ROI.

As part of ongoing ad management, we’ll test new ad creative and audiences against existing ads to determine which version performs best over time.

We’ll provide recommendations for improving your offer, landing page, follow-up campaigns, and more to keep converting new traffic at a high level.

Once the campaign proves profitable we can expand our audience and increase ad budgets to gradually scale the Facebook ads to boost conversions.

Every two weeks our team provides you with a detailed breakdown of how your ads are performing as well as major finding as we analyze data.

CKO Gillette has been attracting new members to their kickboxing classes through offline efforts and organically from word-of-mouth referrals, but they wanted to try promoting their new summer offer using Facebook advertising. We created a niche audience of Facebook users living in towns within a reasonable “time to hit the gym” driving distance, who attend gyms and fitness clubs and interact with Facebook pages that suggest they’re interested in things like kickboxing, CrossFit, running, and dieting. In order to do justice to the action-packed classes and consistent positive feedback, our team created a video retargeting campaign; the first ad shows success stories and inspiration from trainers, and the follow up ad tells a story about making massive life changes as a result of taking control of your body.

Both ads show real CKO customers who match the persona of those we targeted, so layering in their awesome offer was the icing on the cake for this 1-2 combo. They had new customers coming in talking about these ads within the first week! Once we saw these were successful, we split-tested campaigns for even better results by breaking audiences into segments for “beach body” style creative and copy specific for students and teachers for summer break fitness deals.

When Long Hill Montessori School wanted to extend their summer camp programs outside the currently enrolled parents, they turned to Facebook for its targeting capabilities. We showed the ads below to parents with children between the ages of 3 and 7 who lived within a certain radius of the school. By using a comparative image with timely messaging, these parents understood the value proposition of the summer camp right away. Not only did they receive a boost in their summer programs, but it doubled as a way to educate parents on everything the school had to offer.

“You can’t sell houses on Facebook! … right?”

Wrong! Facebook is an unbelievable platform for real estate! For example, CMK Real Estate wanted to use ads to get their more expensive listings in front of people in the NYC & Upstate NY areas. To ensure they weren’t waisting their ad spend by showing them to everyone in the area, we narrowed an audience by targeting users who match a specific set of financial data points. We also required that members of our audience have an interest in moving or buying property, as well as in the outdoors: things like hiking, boating, and fishing are relevant data points to those who’d be interested in buying a lake house in the Adirondacks. Directly from the ads, users can take virtual tours, view listing information, and most importantly, get in touch with an agent and set up a showing.