Growth-Driven Web Design

Gone are the days when really great web sites were built in 60 days, then development was put to bed.

There’s now a smarter way to approach web design and web development that is not only more efficient, but it’s much more effective than those days gone by. A great web site is a living, “breathing” entity. We’re not talking about artificial intelligence (AI) – or something like SkyNet from “The Terminator” movies.” We’re talking about growth-driven web design.

This approach is based on continuous testing of your website, improving as we go, all based on research and data of who’s coming to your site, from where and for how long they are staying. The more we evolve with your potential clients and who is visiting your site, the more leads you can generate and the more customer conversions you will see. When you choose EDGE Creative to lead your growth-driven web design, we’ll constantly monitor your site, ensuring it keeps up with ever-changing search-engine algorithms, that it’s design is influenced by user data, and that we increase your inbound marketing results.

The best part of Growth-Driven Design? It has a lower upfront investment. We can build your site in stages, so that you’re not paying as much in one shot. We’re not seeing a downside to this…do you?