Marketing Case Study

IMAD Jewelry

Client Background

Samantha, owner of IMAD Jewelry, came to us in May of 2016 looking for a new website utilizing best practices in ecommerce (Shopify), SEO, and web design. She had done a great job on her own starting the site and business, but was ready to take her business to the next level.

Creating Samantha’s site wasn’t just about delivering an ecommerce site, but communicating an overall mission. IMAD (I Made A Difference) strives to impact a positive change on endangered animals and inspire others through its jewelry.

The IMAD pendant is specifically a reminder of the difference the wearer makes by representing a vulnerable animal. Each pendant is made in the U.S. from recycled materials, each featuring either a different dog breed or a critically endangered animal.

IMAD came to us with four goals:

  • Increase visibility of the IMAD website and thus increase public knowledge of vulnerable animals through sales of IMAD Jewelry
  • Establish an SEO strategy to promote brand awareness for IMAD and further, overall advocacy for the Animal Welfare Institute
  • Develop a marketing strategy conducive to ecommerce best practices and tactics
  • Increase overall sales of IMAD Jewelry online

The Challenge

The original IMAD site was built on the Wix platform. Wix is an extremely user-friendly platform, but its serious limitations are evident when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). It simply can’t go as far as one needs and is difficult to optimize. Samantha wanted a new site design and for it to be optimized for SEO so that more potential clients could find her online, and thus, spread her message of awareness of endangered animals.

The Solution

We moved the IMAD site to an efficient ecommerce platform that gave us more control over optimizing the site for SEO. We also made sure the overall design of the site carried through that very important mission on which IMAD was found – making a difference in the lives of endangered animals.

We chose the Shopify platform for IMAD. Putting such an ecommerce site onto Shopify is a much easier – and less expensive – solution than trying to put an ecommerce site onto something like WordPress. Plus, Shopify offers different levels of service, is easy to use when needing to make minor updates, and makes the sites look extremely professional. WIN!

We did some SEO research to determine which key phrases received the most traffic when it comes to items like “dog pendants” or “endangered animal jewelry,” and ensured those key phrases were integrated into the proper product pages and woven into the copy on the homepage, “About Us,” and other sections where relevant.We chose beautiful photos of endangered animals on the homepage to assure visitors that they landed on the correct site, and further draw them in to peruse the jewelry options. We made sure to only utilize high-resolution product photos – since more people are likely to purchase an item after seeing high-quality photos instead of fuzzy or out-of-focus ones, and created different sections for the jewelry pieces such as necklaces, pendants, and gemstones based off of  search volume.

After the site was created, we worked with Samantha stressing the importance of keeping up with blogging, and integrating photos, videos, and other visual elements where possible. We wanted to focus on ensuring the content she was creating was relevant to the people who cared about the same causes as she, and to other buyer personas who would be most likely to be attracted to her website and even further, its mission.

In the end, the IMAD Jewelry site turned out beautifully, and her SEO rankings increased considerably. Try searching “endangered animal pendants” and see who pops up among the top handful of search results!

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