Marketing Case Study


Client Background

LeverPoint® was established in 1995 as the Business Management Service division of The Ayco Company L.P., a Goldman Sachs subsidiary, and has been independently operating since August 2007. The company services over $38 billion in assets for Private Equity, Venture Capital, Real Estate, and Fund of Funds clients. Based in Clifton Park, NY, LeverPoint can offer New York City wealth management back-office services at a competitive cost. LeverPoint prides itself on its personalized customer service and the dedicated core team assigned to each account.

I wanted a local, boutique style firm, offering a white-gloved approach – and with CMK Marketing, that’s exactly what I received. The whole CMK Marketing team has been a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and persistence far exceeded my expectations. I am excited to work with them on the next project, and beyond!

Alison Shang

Business Development Coordinator — LeverPoint

The Challenge (Part 1)

Lack of Effective Website

LeverPoint came to us near the end of 2015 when their website redesign with another agency was going south. A new marketing director was hired at LeverPoint and, after taking over the website overhaul, quickly realized the “other” company was not delivering on what they promised. She reached out to us and, after a few conversations with her, it was clear that CMK Marketing was the right team for the job. We were a small, local firm that could offer the same kind of personalized service to LeverPoint that the company offered its own clients. We were more than willing to work with the in-house marketing team every step of the way to ensure the website was built and delivered in a way that exceeded expectations.

The Solution

After several meetings with the LeverPoint team, we presented them with a new plan for the site, along with a re-structured site map in order to improve their content organization. What followed over the next few months was a string of meetings to refine the site’s content organization, layout, design and interactive features.

Our project managers and web designers sat through hours of in-person strategy meetings with LeverPoint’s marketing team and vice presidents, identifying exactly what elements of the website and what content was most important to their efforts in increasing brand awareness and ultimately, their client base. It was vitally important that the language of the website was clear and effectively relayed the services LeverPoint provided. We conducted in-depth keyword research that provided a basis not only for the content, but for the overall website structure, as well. With direction from LeverPoint management, our content team rewrote all of the content, ensuring it was informative yet interesting. Our web developers built a website with a strong SEO foundation that highlighted the key LeverPoint services, adding appropriate Calls to Action (CTAs) to drive people further into the website, adding lead-generation forms, and further optimizing photos, meta tags, descriptions, and more.

After all was said and done, it was clear that our initial discovery process and proper planning from the start of the project made the final product such a success. We launched the site on June 3, 2016, and the client was thrilled! We couldn’t be more pleased with the end result!

The Results

LeverPoint now has a user friendly, mobile-responsive, SEO-optimized, and aesthetically pleasing website that WORKS to generate leads not only from new clients, but from new potential hires, as well! As of November 2016, the client has enjoyed a 1,200% (yes, that number is correct) increase in leads generated from their new website; that same percentage increase also applies to the number of new applicants.

The Challenge (Part 2)

Lack of Effective Branding

Before CMK Marketing was retained, LeverPoint knew its slogan and mission statement did not effectively convey who they were as a company or its values, what distinguished it from its competitors, or the true benefits clients reaped when the hired the firm. With the groundwork being laid for a new website, this was the perfect time to truly capture LeverPoint’s identity and offerings in words that would resonate with potential clients.

The Solution

Our brand strategists had numerous in-person meetings with LeverPoint’s in-house team, brainstorming various rounds of slogans and mission statements that included key words identified as being extremely important in verbalizing LeverPoint’s mission. We identified characteristics of the company that LeverPoint most wanted to exemplify and convey to its target customer base, and strategized the best way to communicate that messaging in such a small content space.

The Results

With a lot of collaboration and creativity, we finally found the sweet spot and cemented a slogan and mission statement that embodied this unique firm, and further set the tone for the new website.

The Challenge (Part 3)

Lack of Attractive, Cohesive Branding Across Marketing Collateral

After going above and beyond with their newly designed and responsive website, LeverPoint once again turned to the creative gurus at CMK Marketing for a print overhaul. Their then-current material was believed to be ineffective and dated, and the marketing manager wanted the print collateral to reflect the look of the new website. The team also wanted to create slick pieces of marketing collateral to help attract potential new hires at career fairs.

The Solution

Implementing innovative graphic design approaches, compelling copywriting, and an integrated strategy, we created various pieces of traditional and digital marketing materials, including: a human resources booklet, internship flyer, human resources booklet PDF download, internship flyer PDF download, internship landing page, event banners, branded stickers, IT flyer, and marketing deck.

The Results

All updated print and digital pieces proved to be extremely effective and helped LeverPoint to visually stand out amongst its competitors, showcasing them as an authority in third-party fund administration. Updating the company’s brand guidelines and having all marketing materials match their website provided LeverPoint with a cohesive look and compelling brand identity, which they were previously missing.

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