Nursing Student Website

Wolters Kluwer

Client Background

Lippincott is a division of Wolters Kluwer Health, a global company that provides integrated solutions, premium content and productivity tools to healthcare professionals, instructors, students and researchers. After working closely with Lippincott’s Nursing Education marketing team for years, we were contracted to build a new Lippincott website directed toward nursing students on the new Adobe Enterprise Management (AEM) platform to which the company as a whole was migrating.

The Challenge (Part 1)

No Existing Website

The Solution

We worked closely with the client marketing managers overseeing the build of the new Lippincott Nursing Education Student Website, creating a site map that would effectively highlight the tools and resources most important for nursing students. Using some search engine optimization (SEO) data the client company provided, we conducted extensive additional SEO research, to ensure each page of the website was optimized per that page’s key phrase. We collected information from various existing Lippincott resources and websites targeted toward students, so that they could be housed under one umbrella website. This website would like out to additional Lippincott websites that offered more resources for students, so that they could easily get the information they needed.

The Challenge (Part 2)

A New, Unfamiliar Platform

The current/former Lippincott Nursing Education websites were built on WordPress, a commonly used web platform that is extremely easy to navigate and customize to each client’s desired goals. AEM, however, was a new, unknown quantity. This website was the first site for this company to be built on the AEM website, so all eyes were on it. Our web developers participated in several training sessions, and frequently corresponded with the AEM team to help work out “bugs” we discovered in the system as we started the web site build. Our creative web developers utilized several “outside the box” design strategies to make this website visually appealing and mobile responsive.

The Challenge (Part 3)

Encouraging Student Engagement On the Site

As with any website, it was important that once visitors got to the website, they stayed, got engaged, and “asked for more.” This site really serves as the gateway for students to be introduced to Lippincott Nursing Education solutions and tools, so it was important that all of the information was conveyed in a clear, concise way that showed students the value in these products and resources. The Lippincott Nursing Student Success Website is also used as a marketing tool to:

  • Encourage students to sign up for the Nursing Student Success e-newsletter that promoted resources-for-purchase, webinars and other products.
  • Purchase study guides, lab manuals, reference books, as well as digital study tools.
  • Get involved with Lippincott’s community of nursing students via student advisory boards and on their social media channels.

The Solution

We used effective calls-to-action on the pages of these websites to encourage students to delve further into the website and to get more information on the topics they already expressed interest in. These CTAs encouraged behavior such as:

  • Signing up for the Nursing Student Success e-newsletter.
  • Downloading gated whitepapers and accessing webinars from thought leaders in nursing education. By gating this content, Lippincott could collect emails from students, whom they could later follow up with to drive them further into their sales funnel.
  • Encouraging student to sign up for free NCLEX prep resources.
  • Delving further into the site to learn more about digital and virtual study resources.