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“We're proud to be a female-led and female-powered team. We go above and beyond for the clients we serve and are experts in digital advertising as well as content creation, working as a true extension of your team. Our clients lovingly refer to us as their 'marketing BFFs,' a title we're quite fond of.”
Courtney St. Onge

CEO & Content Strategist

Google Search and Display

We LOVE using Google Search ads because they’re intent-based, and are recommended for every client we work with. When done right, ads appear above the organic search results in the most prominent positions when people search for relevant phrases for your company. Google Display ads allow us to show targeted messaging to people who recently engaged with your website, which helps educate and move people through the sales funnel. These are by far the most inexpensive ads you can be running for your budget - and they help you stay top-of-mind throughout the decision-making process.

Social Media Advertising

Whether it's LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media advertising platform, we'll help you decide which is best for you and your target audience. Depending on budget, scalability, and goals, each platform will play a different part in your overall marketing mix. We often recommend starting conservative and scaling up. We all keep a close pulse on data and performance and will often recommend turning certain platforms off and reallocating the budget to those that are performing really well. It's a give-and-take based on NUMBERS!

Content Creation

We have a staff of copywriters and copy editors readily available to help you with ad copy, website copy, video script writing, whitepapers, blog, e-newsletters, and more. If you have a brand voice already established, we work to stay in line with what has already been created. Need us to help you find your own voice? We'll do that too! We do a significant amount of research before we dive in and will also monitor competitors in the space so that your content stands out.

SEO Audit

Let us be the "second set of eyes" to help you evaluate your website from an SEO perspective. We'll audit your site and help to provide backend and frontend solutions to help your company become instantly recognizable, memorable, and trustworthy to your consumers and the search engines. We'll provide you with a multi-page document with solutions for your web team to execute as well as ways to leverage top-performing keywords within the copy of your website and key pages.

Graphic Design

Not only do we kill it in the graphic design game, but we've been told that we are twice as fast as in-house design teams (shhh!). From logos to infographics, and ad creative to whitepaper templates, graphic design continues to be one of our core traditional and digital offerings today.


Video is arguably more important now than ever before, and guess what? That trend isn't going away. With everything becoming much more visual in today's world, we know the value video brings to the table. We'll help craft a story that brings your company, brand, and messaging to life. Whether it's editing clips to be used as the main content block on your website, creating a product demonstration animation video, or creating a corporate video that will be looped within your office, we're happy to do it all! Not only that, but we'll provide you with shorter versions of the video so you can leverage it on social!

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“Fueled by females and one strong a** cup of coffee, we are experts in Google Search, social media advertising, copywriting, graphic design, and SEO.”


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