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Most businesses and organizations across industries realize the importance of social media marketing and digital advertising, but struggle with where and how to allocate resources to actually attain business results. Teaming up with a digital marketing agency that values communication, smart strategy, and speed will help keep you on the cutting edge of online marketing and ahead of your competition.

Ready for this? The average social media user spends 135 minutes per day online, 80% of which is from a mobile device! The way people research, consume, and share products and services online is a rapidly evolving moving target; one your business can’t afford to miss. When you choose to work with EDGE Creative, we help you cash in on the attention social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are consuming from your potential customers.







Our social media marketing services include...

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Social Media Management

A breath of fresh air for marketers everywhere! We’ll handle all day-to-day social media marketing including post planning & creation, listening & engaging with audiences, and overall audience growth across all of your social accounts.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Our team of social media advertising experts plan, execute, and scale your campaigns across the leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to help create tangible business results at each stage of the sales funnel.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Inbound & Email Marketing

By creating content highly targeted to your ideal customers, we can use social media, landing pages on your website, and email marketing cohesively to attract and move traffic through your sales funnel, eventually converting them into customers.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

AdWords & Display Ads

We’ll help connect the right customers with your content by crafting AdWords campaigns to keep you visible in search results, and smart display network advertising to keep your brand top of mind through their customer journey.

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A breakdown of our social media marketing
& digital advertising services...

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Social Media Marketing & Training

If you’re not making effective use of the social media platforms consuming the attention of your target customers, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to connect and engage with people most likely to find value in what you’re offering. You’re probably thinking, “easier said than done!”. And you’re certainly correct. Social media marketing is tough! It’s also something that businesses tend to struggle with when outsourcing. We understand that, and our team of seasoned social butterflies work cooperatively with you to handle all of your social media marketing efforts – posting and scheduling, graphic creation, growing your follower base, social listening, and responding and engaging with your communities. You’ll know what we’re posting, when we’re posting it, and the strategy behind why we’re posting it. We can also train your in-house team on how to most effectively use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more to manage and grow your communities in-house.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Our social media advertising pros will have a successful strategy for you locked down from the get-go, ensuring your advertising budget is allocated towards the platforms your customers are spending the most time on. Whether we’re implementing paid advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, or YouTube, we’ll ensure your content is highly visual, targeted, relevant, and getting you the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, we’re analytics nerds and we’re proud of it. We’ll track important data from all social advertising efforts to optimize and scale campaigns while proving effectiveness and ROI.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Email Marketing

Don’t listen to what they say… Email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it’s alive and thriving (when done strategically and in a visually compelling way). We’ll provide and implement strategies for database growth and segmentation, design responsive email templates that get clicked, automate workflows to nurture leads, and craft effective copy and call-to-action strategies to turn leads into dollars. We’re familiar with email platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Inbound Marketing

In a nutshell, inbound marketing is a process by which you utilize content, social media marketing, and email cohesively to drive traffic to your website – and assist that traffic throughout the customer journey. Our marketers and copywriters are uniquely skilled at absorbing a brand voice and creating content designed to attract the most relevant audience to your website, where conversion-focused landing pages and thought-out email campaigns turn visitors into customers.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Google AdWords (PPC)

When potential customers don’t know about you but are looking for the services or products you offer, the first place they go is Google. “Google it” has become a common verb, but users rarely make it past the first page of results, which makes it critical for your business to rank as high as possible. We conduct keyword research and a competitor analysis to make sure the AdWords campaigns we create for you are effective and drive the kind of traffic most likely to take action on your website.

EDGE Creative Co. | Social Media Marketing & Digital Advertising

Display Advertising

“Banner ads” have a spam connotation attached to them. However, integrating display network advertising with your retargeting campaigns can be an effective way for your brand to stay relevant and timely. Sure these can be annoying, but it’s usually tied to poor execution. When we run display advertising campaigns for clients, we focus on timely and strategic ad copy to keep your audiences warm and inside your sales funnels. They deserve a place in most marketing plans before and after the sale, and they also help add credibility to your brand when your crafty ads are showing up on websites your customers are visiting every day.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat dominate the attention
of your customers (whether you like it or not).

Our team of social experts will help you reach them with result driven
social media marketing campaigns across today's major platforms.